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“After Echo” is a depiction of an internal journey that resonates through my silent encounters with nature and places that I visited over the last ten years. Having the need for introspection and reflection, I felt the urge to explore the possibilities for something I could relate to, something that could deeply move me, evoking memories and emotions. I wanted to create a visual and poetic territory that would act as a link between reality and a universe where a harmonious correlation could be achieved between the fantasy of an escape and the mysteries of the dreamy.

In other words, the world where I would rather exist.

 It's an attempt to convey a sense of longing for a timeless beauty, to portray the essence behind the apparent and the perpetual presence of the sublime. Furthermore, it constitutes an emotional response to the proportions of space and time in which we experience life.

Through conversations of fragments of memory, experiences are reconstructed, emotions are transformed and create the silent context that seems to be the hope for the embrace between the past and the future.

The significant places that magnetize me in this work are essentially an honest testimony to the achievement of a goal, which is nothing more than the pursuit of inner peace as a permanent state. Ultimately, at its core, it's about the awareness of one being present and the reconnection of oneself with the whole.


A photographic project by Daphne Kotsiani where she imprints a series of photos taken in Northern Norway over a period of 7 years.

Desolated areas covered with ice, solitary figures standing in the middle of nowhere, reflections that under the winter light transform the land into canvas, revealing abstract forms. Colorful structures breaking the white monotony of the snow and motifs that sometimes speak of loneliness and abandonment, giving the impression that time has stopped. The vastness of the Arctic, the absolute silence, indicating the lack of human presence. Sometimes the lines between reality, fleeting impression and personal memory become unclear and eventually insignificant.

The photos are accompanied by poems of Kelly Malamatou that create a dreamy, nostalgic feel through metaphors, full of depth and contemplation within a simple few lines.

ICELAND-In the Land of Ice and Fire

A 10 days road trip on the A1 Ring Road in Iceland.



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