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T H E S E   E A R T H L Y   S H O R E S

"These Earthly Shores" is a corpus of images that explores the definition and origin of the poetic landscape as it relates to memory and time. The geography of the place becomes a depiction of a peculiar natural beauty that emerges as a memory rather than a faithful representation of its physical form. The natural world is transformed into a set of symbolic "portraits" that reflect the emotional connection to various pasts, the senses, the complexity, and the nostalgic and invisible stories woven into the human soul. Landscapes acquire qualities of human existence where they attempt to shape poetic fields - "shelters" - and to capture the descriptions of nature as inventions of the mind and therefore amenable to all kinds of interpretation.

LICENSING /LIMITED PRINTS signed and numbered  on high quality Fine Art Paper.

© 2017- 2024 By Daphne Kotsiani. All rights reserved.

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