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      A F T E R   E C H O


      Features & Details

  • Handmade, Self-published, Limited Edition of 40 copies, signed and numbered by the artist.

  • Shape/Size: Horizontal paper scroll, 30 cm x 4.33 m, bound by a small rice sheet, housed in a wooden mdf case.

  • Paper: Inkjet print on Hahnemühle Rice Paper, 100 gsm,   100% α-Cellulose, white. 

  • Accompanied with 2 small photos, printed on transparent Rice Paper, 110gr.

  • Photography, text and design by Daphne Kotsiani.

  • Language English.

  • Printed in Thessaloniki, Oct. 2022.

  • Copyright Daphne Kotsiani

For orders or further information, please contact.
Shipping worldwide.

Price: €190,00 + shipping cost.

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